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"I made a friend.  I met someone named Lucas.  It is the best camp I have ever been to."

- Camper

"Don, it has been such a pleasure to work for ArtHouse!  It was such an amazing experience to watch children continuously challenge themselves and improve day by day.  How lucky we are to live in a society where Art is still valued.  How lucky to have an avenue in which to express oneself....and how truly precious for a child! Thanks for everything, Don!!!!  Thanks for all you do!!!" 

- Annie Graham – Instructor

"Your ArtHouse programs have been a source of great joy for my 10 year old daughter. In her words “I love the way that they give you an outline for what to do, and then they let you be creative. It’s an investment in our future, and we are thrilled that she can be a part of it. 
- Mother of Katie

"I can honestly say, both as a mother and a program volunteer, that this art program has made a difference in my son's life. He is not the "special" kid in the large class who requires a teacher's aide to stay with him. When he attends Little Monet's he is just a regular kid enjoying something he loves.

Art is different from most things we learn in life because there is no wrong way of doing it. This is especially important for a child who usually has difficulties doing something at the same level as their peers. The program allows every child to be an individual and work to the best of their ability to create their own masterpieces in a structured environment. My son has a HUGE sense of pride in every one of his creations and proudly displays them at home. If I could afford it, I would have him in an art program five days a week!  

- Judith, mother and volunteer


"Samuel comes home each and every day with a new routine to show me, a new story  to tell, and a big smile on his face. He absolutely loves Camp Arthouse. It is so easy to get my son out the door to camp in the morning!"

- Samuel's mother

"I had fun so much today. I laughed so hard I was almost in tears. Still all my counsellors are my favourite. I love camp."

- Anton (August Camp)

"The play is really going well and it’s so funny.  I really think this will be the best musical I’ve ever been in."
- Erica – Camper

"Fun, exciting, loving, always want to come back – most fun of all."

- Alexandra – Camper

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!  Victoria has been energized every day and learning how to project her voice and learn how to assert herself on and off stage (in a good way!) My sincere thanks you to you and your team!! Helen

– Parent of Victoria (August Camp)


I am so thankful for the amazing chance of helping children further theIr love of art. Arthouse to me was a fun way for the children to get to know themselves and others while participating in artistic activities. I have gained so much from Arthouse, including skills that I can use in my life. Thank you once again for this amazing opportunity."   

– Sally - Volunteer

"Chloe and Lucas have told me everyday how much they love camp and they are singing and dancing throughout the house. What a great program, thank you!  They are already telling me they want to do camp Art House next year.

Nicole - Parent



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