ArtHouse has a proud association with each of our Professional Instructors who specialize in bringing out the best in our children:


"How lucky we are to live in a society where the arts are still valued. How lucky to have an avenue in which to express oneself....and how truly precious for a child! Thanks for all you do! Annie Graham – Instructor

Camp ArtHouse Summer 2016:

Siona Jackson - Talent Coordinator and Choreographer
Ramona Gilmore-Darling

ArtHouse Visual Arts Programs:

Brittany Higgins
Becky Hewis
Andrea Lalonde
Laura Marotta - MFA
Mary Knowland
Julia Salerno
Kevin September
Jazmine Tufford-Singh
Mary Ellen Starodub
Elizabeth Underhill
Georgia Violin

ArtHouse Chorus of Voices:

Sarah Morrison
Sarah Zbogar

ArtHouse Urban Dance Programs:

Lisa Emmons - BFA, ACSC, CICB
Nicole Vass
Janessa Pudwell

ArtHouse Yoga Program:

Petek Kucuktuzen
Celina Close
Sarah Cumming

ArtHouse Junior Violin Program:

Jean Grieve
ArtHouse Junior Guitars Program:
Warren Nicholson
ArtHouse Improv Program:

Amy McKenzie
David Raitt

ArtHouse Fashion & Graphic Design Program:
Andrea Creighton
Samantha MacLean

ArtHouse Musical Theatre

Leslie Gray

ArtHouse Homework Club

Aly McCarty
Taylor Meneghini
Tracey Ohata
Andrew Marilles Torres

ArtHouse Gardening Club

Andrea Rowe

ArtHouse Cooking Club

Ruth Anne Van Holst, Tyler Van Holst, Gen McIntyre, Cornelia Peckhart - Mes Amis Catering

ArtHouse Shakes the Bard

Ron Cameron-Lewis - Director
Nicola Pantin - Choregrapher



Over 50 Volunteers


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