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Thank You to the Oakville Community

We could not have reached this milestone without you!! Please read about ARTHOUSE courtesy of the Oakville Beaver

THREE NEW DONORS - Thank you for supporting ArtHouse Burlington!!

St. Luke's Anglican Church Advocacy Group

The Burlington Community Foundation

BDO Dunwoody 



Festival Series Season Five

ArtHouse Festival Series Celebrates the Depth and Power of Canadian Music Competition with some very special guests:

  • February 23-2013 - 7:30pm - Queen Elizabeth Park Cultural Centre:
     in Concert (Annie on the right) - 14-year old FIRST PRIZE winner at the Prestigious Ettlingen (Germany) International Competition for Young Pianists;

    Thursday May 16-2013 - 7:30pm - St. John's United Church:
    , ELEANOR MCCAIN AND FRIENDS - FIVE TIME Juno Award Winner and Canada's First Lady of the Guitar and CMC Alumni;

    Wednesday August 14-2013 - 7:30pm - St. Aidan's Anglican Church:
    SALUTE TO YOUTH - our annual event which features recent CMC National Grand Prize Winners;

    November 22nd-2013 - 7:30pm - Burlington Performing Arts Centre:
    The GRYPHON TRIO - TWO TIME Juno Award Winners - and considered one of the best ensembles in the world by the Globe and Mail!


ArtHouse is delighted to announce that the Association of Registered Graphic Designers is presenting Branding for Good (BFG) with the 2012 Social Good Design Award for its excellence in brand, media and design services.

From the ArtHouse Website to all of the wonderful flyers, certificates and other materials produced for ArtHouse, BFG has been acknowledged for its excellence in creative design. The winning works will be on display at The Gladstone Hotel Gallery from November 9-18, 2012.

Congratulations to Roger Brenninkmeyer and his team - we are proud to be your client.


ArtHouse and St.Luke's Anglican Church is proud to announce that it will be providing a new fall program for children in the Maple Crossing and Central Public School Neighbourhoods.

Thank you Stuart Pike and Cheryl Fricker for your warm welcome to Burlington - please check the ArtHouse Burlington Page for more information - registrations available soon.


On September 7th, ArtHouse welcomes its latest sponsor Marilyn Monroe Cafe to Oakville when it will open its first North American location at 350 Lakeshore Road at Allan Street. 

Captivating international audiences with her charming personality and graceful cinematic performances, Marilyn Monroe's timeless beauty and charisma are the insppiration behind this chic and contemporary cafe. See more

Thank you Whole Foods Market and OC's West Coast Seafood + Sushi

May 7th - What an evening!! Fantastic food thanks to WFM and OC's, fabulous refreshments thanks to Malivoire Winery, a sensational violinist, 15-year old Leslie Ashworth, and 50 wonderful ArtHouse supporters that attended. Over $3,000 raised to support ArtHouse programs - thank you again France Fournier, Jeff Burghart and the Whole Foods and OC's Teams.


Thank you Southside Cottage Grill - You've done it again!!

From the March Break Burger Day celebration to the recent Closet 112 Fashion Show and Reception at Southside, we are so thankful for your financial support for ArtHouse


ArtHouse welcomes Gemma Hagerman to Staff - thank you Ontario Trillium Foundation:

ArtHouse is delighted to tell you that Gemma Hagerman has joined as Program Administrator - with ArtHouse now serving close to 200 children in the Oakville Community with 7 Programs in 7 locations, Gemma's arrival will be pivotal to our ongoing success.


Sheridan in Motion - a resounding success - thank you performers and audience - you were all pumped!!! 


NORTH OAKVILLE TODAY  | Thursday, August 25th, 2011

ArtHouse receives grant from Trillium Foundation

Ontario government gives local organization $95k over two years

ArtHouse receives grant from Trillium Foundation. Chris Budd, Dealer Principal at Budds’ Kia (left); Don Pangman, founder of ArtHouse; Linden King from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn were on hand to celebrate ArtHouse receiving a $95,000 grant from the Foundation last Friday at Budds’ Kia. The grant money will be dispersed over two years, and will enable ArtHouse to hire an executive director and a program assistant. Scott Stewart

A program that gives young people an opportunity to get involved with the arts received a $95,000 boost in the form of a two-year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  

ArtHouse for Children and Youth will use the funds to support the music, drama, dance, visual arts and ethnic cooking programs that are being free to local children from seven to eleven. 

In 2011, ArtHouse plans to serve over 200 children with nine after-school and summer camp programs in seven Oakville locations. 

The official presentation of the grant was made by MPP Kevin Flynn and Linden King, a volunteer with the Foundation's Halton-Peel Grant Review Team at the new home of Budds' KIA Dealership, 2400 South Service Road in Oakville. 

"This is terrific news for ArtHouse and our community," said Flynn.  "This grant will go towards making a positive change in the lives of many Oakville kids and strengthening our local arts scene."

Money from the grant will enable the group to hire an executive director and a program assistant to run the initiative as well as honourariums for instructors.  In addition, the money will help buy supplies for the various programs, help ArtHouse promote the project, provide volunteer training and help with rental costs.

"We are absolutely thrilled and honoured to be the recipient of this important funding," said Don Pangman, ArtHouse Founder and Artistic Director.  "I believe this is an endorsement of what we aredoing to not only enrich the lives of our young children but also to play our role in the strengthening of our wonderful community."

"We are deeply indebted to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and to all of the Community Partners that have embraced the work of ArtHouse," Pangman added.  "I am confident that years from now, we will look back, knowing that we have changed a life, influenced a career decision or helped out a "star" on the stage."

"We are also extremely grateful to Budds' KIA for sponsoring and supporting ArtHouse as part of KIA Canada's Drive Change Initiative which is promoting organizations across the country that are making a positive change in their community."

For more information on ArtHouse, please visit the website at

A leading grant-giver in Canada, the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) strengthens the capacity of the voluntary sector through investments in community-based initiatives. An agency of the Government of Ontario, OTF builds healthy and vibrant communities. For more information about the Ontario Trillium Foundation, visit




OAKVILLE BEAVER  |   May 06, 2011 

OCC and Festival Quattro unite for Latin, Canadian sounds

OCC and Festival Quattro unite for Latin, Canadian sounds. TOGETHER: Pictured are members of the Oakville Children's Choir (centre row) and children from the ArtHouse program. Michelle Siu / Oakville Beaver

The Oakville Children’s Choir (OCC) and the local Festival Quattro are inviting people to a concert that combines Canadian choral music and Latin-American strings.

“It’s going to be a fantastic concert,” said OCC music director Sarah Morrison. “It’s a top mix of string, combined with the Senior and Chamber choirs. There’s no other opportunity to hear these groups together in concert.”

The Friday, May 13 concert in Oakville, titled Musica de Espana y America Latina, is a fundraiser for both the OCC and Festival Quattro, which is the fundraising-concert arm for ArtHouse, which provides arts programs to Oakville children.

The OCC is bringing its senior and chamber choirs while Festival Quattro has recruited the Trio Micheletti, which features three world-class musicians.

“They are a pretty outstanding group of musicians who studied at Indiana University and they’re all doing their doctorates,” Festival Quattro-ArtHouse founder Don Pangman said.

The trio includes Canadian violinist Véronique Mathieu, Brazilian-born cellist André Micheletti and Japanese pianist Jasmin Arakawa, all of whom have performed across the world.

Pangman learned of the group when Mathieu performed locally with the Oakville Symphony Orchestra in recent years.

The program will consist of the trio performing Spanish and Latin-American music interspersed with the OCC’s chamber choir performing Canadian music in the first half. The trio will return in the second half, followed by the OCC’s senior choir. Together, the two groups will do a finale, a Spanish-language piece called Oye.

The concert will be full of music, but it will also raise money for children’s arts programs here in town. Proceeds from the concert will be shared between Festival Quattro and the OCC.

The children’s choir organization is raising funds for its bursaries and education programs.

“It’s financial assistance to choristers who couldn’t otherwise afford to be in the OCC because there is a tuition,” Morrison said. “We also have other programs that cost us money, such as our young leaders program and our education outreach program.”

For Festival Quattro, the money will go to ArtHouse programs, which this year is serving more than 200 local children at seven different programs at no cost to the child or his or her family.

“People will be supporting both ArtHouse and the Oakville Children’s Choir. They’re supporting young people. They’re supporting the arts and what’s better than that?” Pangman asked.

But Pangman added that Festival Quattro is more than just a fundraising initiative.

“Our goal is to bring as many of the best performers to the town as possible. We’ve got access to artists all around the world and that’s what Festival Quattro is all about,” he said.

Pangman added Festival Quattro also aims to provide entertainment from some of the best artists around the world at an affordable cost.

Running ArtHouse, Pangman said he’s been lucky forming various partnerships locally, including one with the OCC.

Sarah Morrison ran a voice program earlier this year at ArtHouse and he’s hoping some of the OCC’s choristers will volunteer at ArtHouse programs this year and in the future.

“We’re hoping to have some people back from the choir, some leaders, maybe some alumni, taking on the program next year, in September,” he said.

He added he was honoured to work with the OCC in such a way.

“I think the fact we’ve got the Oakville Children’s Choir, that’s doing so well competitively, perform and to partner with us is kind of a neat thing,” he said.




Bringing arts to Oakville’s children

Kate Hardman, centre, cousin Mellisa Hardman, left, and Ashley Hughes snack as they create arts and crafts at the ArtHouse program in Oakville on Jan. 11, 2011. The program is designed to expose kids ages 7 to 11 to the arts.

Vanessa Lu
Staff Reporter

The kids are all talking at once.

They’re contemplating how best to build their edible creations — from a hedgehog to a robot to a geometric shape.

They’re grabbing skewers, toothpicks and Styrofoam balls. Adding popcorn, raisins and apple-cinnamon Cheerios, their pieces will hopefully entice birds and critters to their outdoor restaurant, built from snow blocks, complete with snow plates.

Welcome to Art house — a free after-school program in Oakville designed to introduce children between the ages of 7 and 11 to the arts.

“It’s fun. We get to make a lot of stuff that I’m not used to,” said 10-year-old Joseph Maniccia, a Grade 5 student.

“You get to do all this crazy stuff with food,” chimed in 7-year-old Madison Lee, a Grade 2 student.

The idea came from longtime Oakville resident Don Pangman, a former Bay St. broker, who was looking for a way to offer free after-school music programs for any child, rich or poor.

“The public school system has pretty much shut down arts programs. I believe in sports, but I also believe in the arts,” Pangman said.

It was a conversation with Rev. Cheryl Fricker of St. Aidan’s Anglican Church that led to the idea of a music program, but also visual arts, drama and someday, hopefully cooking.

“It’s a safe place to be a kid, to be with other kids and learn something,” Fricker said. “There are a lot of positive benefits. It helps them build relationships with other kids, increase their self-esteem.”

Pangman works with many community partners, such as the Clearview Christian Reformed Church, which hosts the weekly arts program. Participants do not pay any fees because Art house covers costs, including paying instructors, through fundraising, donations and an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant.

“We are open to all socio-economic levels for kids who haven’t had an opportunity to participate in the arts,” Pangman said. He won’t turn down a donation if a family wants to pay.

Art house, which began in 2008 with a pilot chorus of voices class, has expanded to a summer camp at Sheridan College, offering drama and movement classes.

“Often you’re not going to know what kind of impact you’ve made for 10 years,” Pangman said. “Wouldn’t it be great if someone stopped me on the street someday and told me that Art house made a difference in their life?”

For the kids, all they know is that they’re having fun — eagerly poking raisins onto toothpicks.

“You don’t have to make exactly the same thing. There’s a theme. You can be creative,” said Grade 5 student Melissa Hardman, 10.

That’s the message from art instructors Caitlin Harben and Olia Mishchenko, who work at Oakville Galleries, a partner in the Art house program.

“Art is everywhere,” Mishchenko said. “You just have to look at it differently.”

One week they created animals from pastry dough and apples. Another time it was a giant lantern from cellophane paper in a geodesic pattern. Next up is a fake train station complete with billboards that GO riders will see when the train passes by.



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